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Welcome to the website dedicated to empowering consumers to understand more about how and when to call the emergency services within Ireland and the EU.

At some point in your life, you may need to call the emergency services such as firefighters, police, or medical personnel. By being prepared for calling the emergency services, you can get the help you need much more quickly which can often make a big difference. Parents should also teach their children about when and how to call for help.

The principal emergency services are the “blue light” services that respond to normal emergencies in Ireland namely An Garda Síochána, the Ambulance Service, the Fire Service and the Irish Coast Guard. These principal emergency services would be the 'first responders' in most emergency situations.

In Ireland we have two emergency numbers, 999 and 112.

112 works also in all EU countries and from any phone, free of charge. If a family member or friend is travelling within the EU soon, check that they know what number to call in case of any emergency – under stress of an accident, it could prove vital.

Remember when calling 112 (or 999), ‘stay calm, stay focused and stay on the line’.


999 or 112?